Property Condition Assessments


Property Condition Assessments

We provide engineering consulting services to support property evaluations in the form of Property Condition Assessment (PCA) reports. The purpose of the PCA is to evaluate the identified property to determine the physical maintenance needs of the property and to render an opinion of the costs of these needs through time. The costs determine the financial cash flow requirements of a property to maintain or reestablish a property’s market value. Typically performed for prospective real estate buyers and/or lending institutions, the property and fiscal reserves are commonly estimated for the life of a loan plus several years thereafter.

The data acquired to prepare the PCA may include:

  • on-site investigation
  • review of historical building plans and records
  • review of maintenance records
  • interviews with maintenance and engineering staff
  • interviews with maintenance contractors, as well as record searches with local agencies

The on-site investigation includes an examination of the following:

  • site drainage
  • structural systems
  • building envelope and facades
  • HVAC/electrical/plumbing system
  • fire protection/life safety/code compliance
  • elevator/escalator systems
  • property building for general compliance with Title III of the American with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Both the immediate repair needs and the capital needs over the term of the loan are prepared and presented in the PCA report.

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